Triton II Car Seat

Color: Triton II Car Seat 06300.13

Triton II Car Seat
Triton II Car Seat grey
Cadeira Triton II pink


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What was good just got better!

For children from 15kg to 36kg, the Triton II Chair is an excellent cost-effective option.

The Triton II Chair complies with the NBR 14400 Standard, uses the car seat belt, has an adjustable headrest. To ensure the child's comfort, the Triton Chair has padded fabric, side support and a well-padded head protector.

The difference between Triton and Triton II:
- They all received a high frequency finish, leaving the seats with a more sophisticated and soft touch,
- The gray and black color is more sophisticated and elegant. The gray is in a more delicate and neutral tone, - The blue color is now more vibrant and has details in black, making the chair even more beautiful,
- All colors have a very soft and padded head protector.

Certification: SGS (0040)
Registration 000565/2019


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